“Zuo Zhi,Last night i。”Wu Lan finally spoke。

“You don’t need to explain,What happened last night,As if i didn’t see anything。”I waved and said。
I didn’t expect that I gave her the answer she wanted so quickly。
Wu Lan blinked,Said softly,“that,thank you。”
“But I have one condition。”I said coldly,And leaned on the sofa。
perhaps,She didn’t expect that after I gave the answer she wanted,Any more conditions。
She looked at me in surprise,“you,What are the conditions?”Talking,The eyes fell from the top to scan me again。
I opened my mouth,Just about to say。
But unexpectedly she lowered her head,“I promised you。”
I rely on!
What does she mean?
I did not say anything,What did she promise me?
“Do you know what i want to say?”I frowned。
This woman is really self-righteous。
“Just one time?”There was a trace of disgust in Wu Lan’s eyes,“Men are fucking virtuous。”
Suddenly,I’m even more trapped。
just one time?
Just once?