Dong Wan showed disgust,“Zhai Yunxiao,What are you doing here?”

Xiao Yang looked at this person,have to say,Even in the entire entertainment industry for comparison,This guy is also very good。
Zhai Yunxiao chuckles,“This is also the company’s site,I’m afraid I don’t need to ask anyone for instructions。”
Xiao Yang said,“I often go to your studio after that,Bring my Seventh Aunt and Eight Aunts by the way。”
Zhai Yunxiao looked at Xiao Yang,Scornful,“You are Xiao Yang?do you know?Now you have been rated as the shame of the entertainment industry,The shame of the entertainment industry can’t enter my studio,I’m afraid it will be dirty。”
“When trouble you go,By the way, ask someone to clean up my studio,Spray some more air fresheners by the way,Your mouth is too smelly。”
Xiao Yang looked at Zhao Xueyi,“Brother Zhao,Invite them out。”
Zhai Yunxiao sneered,“I heard you want high-definition cameras。”
Zhao Xueyi said coldly,“How is it?”
Zhai Yunxiao said with a smile,“I have,If Miss Dong is willing to ask me,I can consider。”
Dong Wan’s face sank。
Xiao Yang looked at him,“Someone will send us a high-definition camera soon,You have to pretend,Go elsewhere。”
Zhai Yunxiao couldn’t help laughing,“Does anyone dare to deal with you now??The shame of entertainment?”
At this moment,A figure came in,Zhai Yunxiao was slapped in the face。
Zhai Yunxiao was beaten up immediately。
Xiaomo is here!
She is this temper,Whoever humiliates Xiao Yang, she beats someone。
Zhai Yunxiao is furious,“You fucking dare to hit me?”
“Yunxiao,Are you OK?”His two assistants panicked。