So Si Nansui organized the language,Tell me carefully about the training room she and Qiao Huiru have done。

Lei Tianzi closed his eyes and listened,In my heart,Finally:“Recently, you have to be optimistic about the royal families who have supported them,They know some secrets,After all, the prayer pills handed in below are handed over to you,You can distribute the whereabouts of the prayer pills,Do three things from now on,The first thing is that even a wish pill cannot be left outside,This is very important,Every prayer pill is in charge of someone,The second one is if someone from Mingyan Mainland comes to build a training room with you,No matter what conditions are offered,This is a major event related to strategic deployment and future social patterns,Prevent someone from resorting to tricks,I sent Tiangang Disha to be your bodyguard,The third thing is to stock up prayer pills immediately,Announced that the training room has increased in price,Reduce the number of practitioners。”
That’s all,Qiao Huiru and Sinan Sui both understand,Sure enough, it was because of Mingyan Mainland,They know how to do this better than Lei Tianzi。
The emperor Lei divided the Tiangang and Disha into 40 people to protect Qiao Huiru and Sinan Sui,The remaining 68 people are assigned to Qiao Huiru’s most important people,These people hold the secrets of the prayer pill and the training room,To prevent being kidnapped by the impatient cultivators of Mingyan Mainland。
Lei Tianzi’s guess is not wrong,The immortal cultivators on the Mingyan Continent first discussed with the liberated Human Race royal family about laying a training room,After being rejected, the idea was hit on Qiao Huiru and Sinan Sui,Has carried out three kidnappings,Once more scale、Number of people、The realm of the immortal cultivators has increased dozens of times,Thirty sanctuary powerhouses were dispatched for the last time,The person who was protected by Qiao Huiru used a laser gun to repel at close range,Killed 13 people,These 13 people later fell into the hands of Lei Tianzi。
The repeated kidnappings finally annoyed Tianzi Lei,He sent 10 billion sergeants to surround the Mingyan mainland,As long as the cultivators of the human race enter the starry sky, they will use the laser gun to shoot remotely,Killed millions of immortals before and after,Since then,The Terran Cultivator huddles motionless in Mingyan Continent,They can be found no matter where they come from,And every time it loses a lot of manpower。
Lei Tianzi suppressed Mingyan Continent with the strongest force value for 30 years,These thirty years,The Black Wind tribe has never attacked Thunder Team again,They also learn Human Race’s strict defense mode,Anyway, I can’t leave the mainland,Ren Er, east, west, north, south, wind,Break the planet if you have the ability,Everyone is finished together。
Emperor Lei didn’t think so,While he is demanding a quick fight,There are many secret weapons。
The most obvious is that Long Ji has made a breakthrough in the study of the Black Wind Star Field。
According to Long Ji’s research,Found that the male and female genes of the Black Wind tribe are different,Black wind women show acidic physique,Men have alkaline physique,Human men and women also have bodies with different pH levels,After all, everyone’s body is unique,But the pH is controlled within the most suitable range,Everyone is not very different,Compared with the body of the Black Wind tribe,It seems that the Black Wind tribe is more obvious。
This confirms the claim that the Black Wind tribe was born in an environment with a large pH gap,In other words,Only an environment like Heifeng Starfield,To give birth to the Black Wind Clan。
According to this theory, you will find,Destroyed the pH of the Black Wind Star Field,The Black Wind tribe will face the result of genocide or reduced fertility。
From the micro world to the macro world,To change the pH of the environment,Use more than one method。
The most convenient and concealed method is to get several rains with different pH levels,Such as alkaline rain in acidic areas,Acid rain in alkaline areas,Neutralize the pH,Can completely change the environment of Heifeng Star Field。
According to the characteristics of mortals,Even if the temperature of the living environment changes more than five degrees,Can cause death,Water scarcity and changes in air quality can kill people。
Long Ji took the captured Black Wind Clan Immortal Cultivator as a research specimen beforehand,When alkalinity is higher thanPHvalue13when,The female body of the black wind cultivator will have red spots,This is a sign of poisoning,If it is malePHControlled by2when,There will also be the same symptoms as the female fairy,This is the damage caused to the Black Wind Clan immortal cultivator due to the large pH difference。
This is the conclusion obtained through experiments,In reality, we can’t practice it in such a detailed manner,So Long Ji changed her strategy,Decided to use the neutral method to push the past。