The mountain god stone statue bathed in brilliance。

And Yan Ruyu has sat on the ground unconsciously。
His body also shone with a little bit of light like stars,Like a banished immortal above the nine heavens,Super dusty,Graceful。
As for Mr. Big and waiting for the vixen,Is suppressed on the ground,Immobile。
Rain is still falling!
In front of Daogongshan Gate。
The girl in the blue skirt has recite a Buddhist scripture。
But sitting in front of her‘Old way’But didn’t mean to have an attack,Didn’t even try to teach the blue skirt girl,On the contrary, his face is as calm as water。
“How do you think my Buddhist scriptures speak today??”at last,The girl in the blue skirt stopped,Crisp sound,As beautiful as a nightingale。
“This is《Ksitigarbha》Bar?”Old Tao’s eyes slowly opened,The girl in the blue dress looking in front of you,A faint smile。
“Yes,Hell is not empty,Swear not to become a Buddha,All beings are exhausted,Fang Zheng Bodhi,This is Jizo。”The girl in the blue skirt nodded,Bright eyes like autumn water。
“Not bad。”Old Dao nodded slightly。
“Do you really think Jizo is good??Then I have a question to ask Dao Chang,If you are Jizo,You are willing to leave all beings,Become a Buddha,Still willing to stay in hell,How about saving the dead?”The corner of the girl’s mouth in the blue skirt raised,Reveal two shallow dimples。
Old Tao bowed his head and said nothing,Seems to be thinking。
But Yan Ruyu suddenly realized。
He finally knew,Why did the girl in the blue skirt come to this palace and mountain gate to talk about Buddhist scriptures?。