“thank you,Lao Song。”Uncle Wu said。

Lao Song stopped,Take a look at Zhou Rui’s dad who was pushed out,Zhou Rui and their mother and daughter walked into the ward。
“Sober is only temporary。”Lao Song said slowly,“This person doesn’t mean much anymore。”
“Can live for a few days?”Uncle Wu asked。
Old Song shook his head gently,“Days are gone,It’s almost the same by the hour,Ask more if you have any funerals to explain。”
He finished,Turned and walked out。
Uncle Wu gave me a look。
“Pooh!”I spit on the ground。
Turn around and walk towards Zhou Rui’s father’s ward。
really,Zhou Rui’s father is awake。
When his eyes see me,Never left。
I married Zhou Rui,Once met his strongest opposition。
So,I tried my best to please him,He likes to drink,I just buy wine,Like to smoke,I just buy cigarettes。
He said he couldn’t sleep well,I taught myself a massage for him。
I heard that his cervical spine is not good,Buy him a massager。
but,Others don’t know,My dad also has a bad cervical spine。
I fucking bought a tickle for my dad!
Standing at the door,The more I see him lying down,I feel more relieved。