This little man.Team related,Could it be that he is really a ministry.Team master?

Xiao Yang looked up at Yuan Zhiling,“Sister Yuan,You said,Keep your word。”
Yuan Zhiling couldn’t calm down for a long time,It took a long time before she asked:“Who are you?”
“I am the senior host of Dongsheng Entertainment,Three generations up are farmers。”Xiao Yang smiled。
Yuan Zhiling didn’t believe what Xiao Yang said at all。
Xiao Yang went to Yuan Zhiling,Get in front of Yuan Zhiling,Ask with a smile:“Can i really do anything?”
That fiery look,Make Professor Yuan Da flustered。
Xiao Yang’s mouth has been printed on Professor Yuan Da’s red lips。
This time,Professor Yuan Da did not resist。
The temperature of both of them rises quickly。
quickly,The two fell。
The temperature in the room seems to be rising。
But at the critical moment,Xiao Yang did not act,He put his arms around Professor Yuan Da,Speak softly:“Go to sleep。”
Yuan Zhiling finally breathed a sigh of relief,Xin said that this little man was not dazzled by desire。
Although she said that everything is controlled by Xiao Yang,But if Xiao Yang really did something,She will definitely sever ties with Xiao Yang without hesitation。
but,What makes her weird,She was a little bit lost,She can’t help but laugh at herself,Do you really miss a man?
This night,Professor Yuan has insomnia,Fell asleep almost at dawn。
the next morning,Xiao Yang bought breakfast for Professor Yuan,Then rushed to participate《Bright sword》Opening ceremony。
After Xiao Yang arrived,Saw a lot of actors,All Xu Wenwen invited to attend the opening ceremony。