After everyone glanced at Lei Tianzi,Moved a few steps neatly and uniformly,Keep away from Lei Tianzi,As if he is air,I just ignore it,This is the discrimination caused by the low level,Almost people in the world of cultivating immortals look down on the cultivators of lower realms,Just like the mortal world’s scorpions and freaks,Better distance,Don’t get infected。

Lei Tianzi couldn’t help but sigh:“Unexpected,There was a day when my buddies were rejected!”
Thang Long Space is a place full of purple,Forbidden area belonging to Jiansu Gate,Only a sealed space as big as a few miles,This is a very rare Hongmeng Zhenqi,I used a purple aura upgrade in Penglai Continent Thunder Emperor,That is the aura emanating from the rock soaked in the blood of the real dragon,Useful for low-level cultivators to improve their realm。
To his current state,The dragon’s energy has no effect,There is Hongmeng Zhenqi in Thanglong Space,And it’s Hongmeng Zhenqi whose concentration is close to the actual state。
Lei Tianzi practiced《Glass heart》Gong Fa,Special physique,The resources needed are huge,If the reiki unit needed by others is1,The unit resources Lei Tianzi needs are10。
After entering Thang Long Space,Lei Tianzi quietly found a corner to sit down,Then took a deep breath,Open mouth like a dragon sucking water,The Hongmeng Zhenqi within three meters around him was sucked into his stomach,Tianzi Lei suddenly felt full of power,The realm has also been promoted from the third rank to the fourth rank、Five products、Six products……Until the nine products are still rising,Finally broke through the realm of the powerhouse,Entered the realm of immortal gods,Thunder robbery arrives as scheduled,His advancement affects others,The rest of the cultivators looked at Lei Tianzi with angry eyes,If it’s not because murder is not allowed here,Someone has already killed Emperor Lei。
After Lei Tianzi felt his realm improved,I can’t keep up with my strength,Quickly drink a drop of Hongmeng Shenlu,I immediately felt that power was restored,He continues to inhale,This side is still in thunder,The realm of cultivation has continued to rise from the immortal gods,Promoted from first rank to second rank、Three products……Until the ninth product of Lianxian Shenren。
The thunder robbery of the previous realm has not ended yet, and the thunder robbery of the realmian realm is ushered in,Every thunder catastrophe takes about half a year,And Thang Long Space only allows one month。
The nine immortals who came in with Lei Tianzi felt bad luck,I met the monster Lei Tianzi,Not only took away a lot of Hongmeng’s true spirit,The power of Thunder Tribulation also affected their cultivation mood,The result was only one tenth of the usual benefits,Everyone is unwilling to withdraw from the Thang Long space after a month。
Lei Tianzi should not be disturbed by external forces during promotion,Came out a year later,Is already in the realm of the second rank of true immortals,Whether it’s strength or Liuli’s divine consciousness,All have changed thousands of times,The bottle of Hongmeng Shenlu I brought in has all been drunk,Not left,Every day I have to experience the pain of my body being shattered by lightning。
After the realm rises,Lei Tianzi only feels that his strength extends from his toes to his hair,Contain the power to destroy the world,Full of confidence。
Lei Tianzi advances in Shenglong Space,The voice of opposition outside has become loud,Cai Jianzi had to sit at the gate outside the Thang Long Space,Prevent someone from rushing in and pulling Lei Tianzi out。
After a fierce argument,Abandoned Jianzi finally gritted his teeth and promised to give the other nine immortal cultivators who entered the Shenglong space to practice a Xianxia Dan.,It calmed the anger of the others。
A year later, the energetic Lei Emperor came out again,Qi Jianzi just glanced,Said angrily:“You are really stupid,I was promoted to the second rank of True Immortal,I thought you could catch up with my cultivation level。”
Lei Tianzi in a good mood is like being poured cold water,Changed face immediately,He is a little confused,Tilted his head and said:“old man,what did you say?”
The immortal cultivator at Jianshumen who had been waiting outside for a long time hurriedly covered his mouth and laughed,Thought:“The,This is the disciple who you are protecting?Even Master stopped calling,Renamed the old guy,This time Lei Tianzi will definitely be expelled from his division。”
Han Dou is not good,She always accompanies grandpa to wait for her husband,Also participated in a war of words,I know that Grandpa suffered a lot of grievances,Hurried forward and took Lei Tianzi’s arm,I blocked the Qijianzi with my delicate body,Then said to Lei Tianzi:“Stop talking,Grandpa used nine Xianxia Pills in exchange for your peace,Others say you affected their cultivation。”
“Oh。”Only then did Emperor Lei understand,Why Qi Jianzi has such an attitude towards him。