The monster has no temper with him,Rubbing his head and grunting,This means that:“You are young,The repair is too shallow,You can listen to things around you,But don’t care too much,Concentrate on practice。”

“But things around me will affect me,Can’t concentrate on practice。”
The monster nodded his chest,Write a sentence on the ground——Experience with heart,But not to be disturbed by foreign objects。
“too difficult!”
The monster wrote——Difficult to practice,So cultivate the mind。
Late autumn,Colder weather,Sooner or later you can see a thin layer of ice on the water surface,Ganjiazhuang has a special environment,The temperature is lower than outside,The people in the village and the tourists have put on thick winter clothes,Looks bloated。
And Gan Yifan is as usual,One insideTShirt,Wear a thin coat outside,A pair of cotton and linen trousers,Step on a pair of flat shoes。
Such weather to him,It’s already warmer than Yunji Island,Also much drier。
He is not affected。
Practice for an hour in the morning,I feel hungry after practicing boxing for a while,He didn’t cook today,Soy milk fritters at the entrance of the village。
He ran over。
Not many tourists on the road,This point should have gone up the mountain already,I don’t plan to see the sunrise,Or have breakfast at the Zhuangli Restaurant。
He doesn’t like eating at the Zhuangli restaurant,The other party often doesn’t charge money,trouble。